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Answering our subscribers’ and parents’ most common parenting questions.

We welcome your questions as it helps our bambooh and You community grow and learn together. Walk with Petré as he discusses some of the most common questions from parents like you. If you have a question, please share it with us and help give us insight into what you have to deal with as a parent in this modern era.


“Why do my children act out only when they’re with me?! I sometimes feel like strangling them, then feel like an awful mum – please help!”

Picky Eater

“My child is a very picky eater. What can I do to get her to eat more? Should I be worried?”

Debunk Socials Junk

Confused about credible and safe parenting advice on social media?

With so much misinformation, it’s hard to know what to trust. Seeking parenting advice on social media is like seeking advice in a comedy club, it’s not recommended. Here we debunk the myths and provide accurate information to protect families like yours from misinformation and bunk.

Tummy Time

IMPORTANT: Don’t let your baby sleep on their stomach. Tummy Time can be useful but it’s only a means to an end.


JUST SAY NO! Our bodies are fantastic at detoxing themselves. All most of us would need to do is eat healthy, hydrate and sleep well.

Dark Rings

JUST DANGEROUS: The correct answer to most things is usually the simplest option. For everything else, see a medical professional.

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