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Over 40 years of international experience and expertise in science-based early years development.


Qualified professionals holding degrees in teaching and applied neuroscience from a top institution.


Over 1,300 children served globally by qualified early years and developmental services and advice.

“Embrace being an imperfect parent.”

~ Petré Smith, App Neuro, MSc.

Testament from a happy, imperfect parent.

Science-Based Parenting 

As parents, our natural instinct is to strive for the best for our children’s future success. In our weekly Neuroscience for Parenting video series, discover handmade tips, tools, and resources designed to ease the challenges of parenting and support your mental well-being.

Explore brain-science-based information presented in a super-simple way, including body scans, charts, and soothing tunes – everything you need to navigate the imperfect yet endlessly rewarding journey of parenting.

“Neuroscience for Parenting without the nerdy language and details.”

We skip the nerdy stuff and dive into practical insights. Our research is legit, and we’ve got your back. Plus, we’re not just experts; we’re fellow parents running bambooh Early Years Academies in the UK. So, we get the real-life parenting struggles and joys.

A young mother reading to her toddler. This image is a perfect illustration of how to build a respectful bond with the child and to stimulate their interest in reading.

Qualified & Credible

The internet floods us with so much information, and sifting out credible advice from nonsense can be a real headache. It is a waste of your time and energy, time and energy you can better spend with your child.

“Neuroscience for Parenting is for parents, by parents.”

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What’s included…

Neuroscience for Parenting

A growing set of video series packed with science-based parenting tools and advice.

Resource Hub

Supplementary tools and downloadable resources for series videos to apply and use at home at no additional cost.

Coffee Break

A video library of short videos such as debunking misinformation on socials.

Ask Me Anything

Send your questions and get the chance to have them featured in a response video.

And more...

Automatic inclusion to new and additional content currently in development.

In the video series you’ll learn more about…

*Hours and hours packed full of thematic science-based information delivered in a drip-feed system to help you manage on your journey.

Video series 1 : Start with Your Sleep

*Hours and hours packed full of thematic science-based information delivered in a drip-feed system to help you manage on your journey.

  • Week 1 : Growth hormone – why doesn’t everyone know about this?
  • Week 2 : Let them sleep! Why you can’t, and should never, ‘sleep train’ your baby.
  • Week 3 : Seeing is not believing.
  • Week 4 : Light : setting the cycle.
  • Week 5 : Light : impact on emotions and mood.
  • Week 6 : Devices; size matters.
  • Week 7 : ADHD; why is it everyewhere?
  • Week 8 : Maybe social influencers with ADHD have ADHD because they’re influencers – let me explain.
  • Week 9 : Housekeeping for the brain.
  • Week 10 : Sick of it.
  • Week 11 : Lose sleep, gain weight.
  • Week 12 : No sleep? Why don’t you learn?
  • Week 13 : Dream. Dream. Dream.
  • Week 14 : Food for sleep.
  • Week 15 : Supplementation

Video series 2 : How Emotions are Made

  • Week 1 : Emotions are stuff.
  • Week 2 : What’s the story?Don’t judge a face by its frown.
  • Week 3 : The ‘But-maybe-game’.
  • Week 4 : Levels of safety-seeking.
  • Week 5 : Emotional brain soup.
  • Week 6 : Tantrums; why your child goes from nice to nuts!
  • Week 7 : Disciplining – it’s about social consequences.
  • Week 8 : The most under-rated neurotransmitter by far.
  • Week 9 : Shedding artificial light on your emotions.
  • Week 10 : Trauma and a ttheory on why we can’t seem to shake it.
  • Week 11 : Sleep and how it helps us deal.
  • Week 12 : Ultra processed food and emotions..

Video series 3 : The Prediction Machine

  • Week 1 : Your brain is obsessed with keeping you alive now.
  • Week 2 : Prediction is your brain’s superpower and biggest weakness.
  • Week 3 : Our brains love new things, but it hates unpleasant surprises.
  • Week 4 : Minimisation and how it affects you and your child’s perception of the world.
  • Week 5 : The threat ladder and its role in anxiety.
  • Week 6 : Predictable behaviour. Why our children should (mostly) behave in public.
  • Week 7 : Free Energy Principle – the feeling of what’s to come.
  • Week 8 : The Brain Battery and the importance for you and your child to plug in.
  • Week 9 : Free will; WARNING, only the brave.
  • Week 10 : Why we procrastinate. It makes a lot of sense.
  • Week 11 : Discipline without neurological harm.

Video series 4 : Your Brain and Your Bacteria

Currently researching…

But wait, there’s more…

An example of our parenting dashboard

An easy to use Home Lab

All your science-based parenting content in one easy to use dashboard that we call ‘Home Lab‘. Collect gems every time you log in, complete a series and more.

Fridge ‘Cheat Sheets’

Many of the video’s have handy downloadable A4 cheat sheets to help remind and support you as you apply the advice shared in the videos.

An example of parenting supplementary content.
An example of our parenting tools such as a sleep chart to guide their child's sleep need.

Charts and guides

Super useful charts to help guide you through the ocean of information out there in internet world. We source credible information and convert it into easy to digest charts, guides and infographics.

Content for the kids

Included in the subscription is supplementary content such as stories and activities to support you as you parent your way to imperfect awesomeness.

Our very own bedtime stories for parents who don't have the time.
An image of one of our body scan videos for parents to use and help their children become more mindful.

Body scans and more

Body scans and anxiety reducing music based on the latest neuroscience research. 

Coffee break videos

A short fire, informal content, growing library answering member’s questions and requests. 

An example of our coffee break webpage with shortfire parenting videos

..and more exciting parenting content coming soon!

Earn with us…

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Mummy Fund

Join us in our growth and earn a passive monthly income towards a special fund for yourself. Especially as a mum, you often prioritise others before yourself, but with bambooh & You, you can set aside some money for much-deserved treats, whether it’s makeup, a massage, or a date night.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages does Neurosciecne for Parenting cover?

At bambooh & You, we zero in on what’s known as the ‘critical phase’ – those first three years of your child’s life. This stretch is when everything’s buzzing, and your little one’s brain is working at full tilt, as dense as it will ever be. It’s super important to ensure you’re not missing out on helping your child develop during this time, as it can have a lasting impact on their future.

“…we zero in on what’s known as the ‘critical phase‘ – those first three years of your child’s life.”

The Neuroscience for Parenting program by bambooh & You isn’t just for your child – it’s loaded with info and tips for you as a parent and as an individual. We’ve got mental health tips and advice to keep you on track because when you’re doing well, your child has a better shot at doing well. Our program is for all ages and focuses on nurturing you and your child for top-notch growth and development.”

Is this stuff very technical?

That’s exactly why we started bambooh & You, Neuroscience for Parenting. Our goal is to take fancy research and cool discoveries, usually buried in tricky academic talk, complex data, and those journal paywalls, and break them down so they make sense to regular folks like you and me.

Our program gives you simple advice and info that can really spruce up your parenting skills and your kid’s behaviour, sometimes as quickly as overnight. We truly believe that understanding the science behind parenting can help you and your child big time. With Neuroscience for Parenting, you get the tools and know-how to make smart choices and create a loving space for your child’s growth and development.

Can I cancel at anytime?

At bambooh & You, we understand that life can get busy and priorities can shift. That’s why we want you to know that you are in full control of your subscription and can cancel at any time. Of course, we would love for you to continue growing and learning with us as we follow the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and explore how it relates to parenting, as well as gaining a better understanding of ourselves and those around us.

Our program is designed to be a long-term investment in your and your child’s development, but we also understand that circumstances can change. Whether you stay with us for a short time or for the long haul, we’re committed to providing you with valuable insights and support along the way.

Are there any hidden fees or additional charges?

Nope, what you pay is what you pay.

How often will I be billed?

It couldn’t be simpler. You’ll get billed every month on the same day you signed up. So, if you hopped on board, say, on the 7th of June, your next payment rolls around on the 7th of July.

Can I access the subscription content on multiple devices?

“Sorry, but only one device can be logged in at a time. This is how we keep our content secure and keep the company moving forward. With this setup, we can pour more into research and development, which means we’ll have even more handy, science-backed parenting tools and advice for you.”

We’re not all talk…

We have over 40 years of  experience in international early years education. As a testament to our dedication, we presently operate bambooh Early Years Academies in the UK, where we put into practice the same principles and advice that we provide here at bambooh & You.

By remaining actively engaged in the field, we ensure that our knowledge remains relevant, impactful, and attuned to the needs of real families like yours.

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Still not convinced about neuroscience for parenting?

There’s no pressure to join; take as much time as you need. We’re not going anywhere, and the field of neuroscience is expanding and growing every week, so plenty will be added when you decide to join the bambooh and You family.

If you’d like, we can email you to keep you posted when we upload new videos and content so you can decide if it’s worth your time and money.